At the Electricom Group, we take pride in offering our customers a comprehensive logistical operation. Our dedicated Logistics teams handle the entire process, ensuring efficient receipt, planning, picking, and delivery of goods to sites across the UK, including Northern Ireland.

One of the key aspects of our service is providing our customers with Proof of Delivery (PODs) and delivery notes. Our PODs include detailed photos of all the consumables delivered to the site, along with serial tracked item codes. This documentation allows you to have a clear record of the items received and their condition.

To maintain accurate inventory control, we utilize an advanced order management system. This system enables us to generate precise stock reports, minimizing the chances of stock discrepancies. Our commitment to accuracy ensures that you can rely on our stock information with confidence.

At Electricom Group, we strive to provide you with a seamless logistics experience, our attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction, we are here to meet your logistical needs effectively.


Our spacious warehouses are equipped with advanced security systems and climate control features to ensure the utmost safety and protection of your electrical goods. We offer flexible storage options for short-term or long-term needs, tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Inventory Management

Our comprehensive inventory management system allows for accurate tracking, monitoring, and control of your stored electrical products. We employ advanced technologies to streamline the process, reducing errors and optimizing efficiency.

Order Fulfillment

We understand the importance of prompt and accurate order fulfillment. Our dedicated team ensures timely processing, packaging, and shipping of your orders, adhering to the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Distribution Services

Leveraging our extensive network and logistics capabilities, we provide nationwide distribution services to deliver your electrical products to their intended destinations. Our efficient transportation fleet and experienced drivers ensure safe and timely deliveries, minimizing any disruptions to your supply chain.

Value-Added Services

In addition to our core storage and distribution services, we offer a range of value-added solutions to enhance your operations. These include labelling, repackaging, kitting, and customisation services to meet the unique requirements of your products.




Labelling and repackaging

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